GM's Mary Barra Doesn't Rule Out Razing Detroit's Renaissance Center

May 23, 2024, 7:31 PM

GM CEO Mary Barra (GM photo)

General Motors recently announced that it would be moving its headquarters next year from the Renaissance Center to Dan Gilbert's Hudson's Detroit building on Woodward Avenue. The plan was to let Gilbert find new ways to revive the building GM bought for pennies on the dollar in 1996.

Now, CEO Mary Barra says the automaker is committed to finding a use for the Renaissance Center, but did not rule out razing the building, the Detroit Free Press reports. 

Speaking Thursday at the Detroit Economic Club at the Motor City Casino, Barra was asked if she might consider demolishing the building on the Detroit River.

"Yeah, we're first looking at what can be done and what would be the appropriate use for the business," Barra responded. "We've got a year to do that so that's where we're focused.":

Barra said with more people working remotely, it made sense to move to a smaller space from the Renaissance Center, the Freep reports.


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