Oakland Sheriff Michael Bouchard Has the Covid Omicron Variant and Is Feeling It

January 11, 2022, 5:36 PM by  Allan Lengel

Michael Bouchard

A press release Tuesday notes that Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard has "joined the ranks of those working remotely these days, and it wasn't by choice."

The 65-year-old lawman contracted the Covid Omicron variant and is experiencing a headache, congestion, exhaustion and assorted aches, the statement says. 

"Even though I choose to be fully vaccinated and received the booster shot, the Omicron variant was still able to catch up with me," Bouchard is quoted as saying. "I had assumed it was not a question whether it caught up to me given the duties of a first responder, but when. 

"Per our protocols, I will be in quarantine, but I will continue to work remotely."

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