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New tastes for new year? Metro Times critics share top meal picks

January 01, 2022, 10:17 AM

The Hamachi at Oak & Reel

It's the new year, and you may have resolved to shed a few pounds. But it's also the pandemic's new year, so you could alternatively resolve to cut yourself some slack and lean into what tastes good.

Metro Times’ best dishes of 2021 list is a solid starting point for those opting for the latter. The top-ten list compiled by the outlet's food critics is drawn from weekly visits to newer metro Detroit restaurants.

It includes:

♦ The hamachi at Oak & Reel on East Grand Boulevard, which “arrived adorned with caper berries and calabrian pepper oil that deliver pops of acid and heat, while pine nuts keep things texturally interesting and round out the profile.”

♦ The marrow at Barda on Grand River, in the former home of Magnet, which is said to be “viscous, rich, and fatty, while the tartare's striploin is mixed with capers, garlic, onion, jalapeño, whole grain mustard seed, lemon, olive oil, plenty of salt, and a smear of horseradish — intense.”

♦ The “rich, moist, flavorful" rib tips at BBQ Central on W. Seven Mile, which are "entwined with a bit of cartilage, and getting at it requires a little more effort — tearing at tips with your teeth is carnal but there's a payoff when the dish is done right."

Also on the list are the "birriadillas" at southwest Detroit food truck Antojitos and the babaganoush at Supergeil in Corktown.

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