Gallery: Detroit Axe, a bar where sharp edges will fly, opens Oct. 15 in Corktown

October 02, 2021, 7:53 AM

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A bar game potentially riskier than darts comes to Corktown next week as Detroit Axe expands from Ferndale and Clinton Township.

The Michigan Avenue newcomer, due to open Oct. 15, will have 12 axe throwing lanes that are separated from the bar area by a no-drinks-allowed yellow line -- though patrons "can consume alcohol before or after in the concourse or lounge," its site says.

Yup, there's a victory throne for myth-makers and glory-seekers.

For those wondering, Detroit Axe notes that this "indoor competitive sport has taken off in Canada over the past decade." The three-year-old business calls itself "the first wholly dedicated axe throwing venue in the state of Michigan."

The feeling of planting an axe into the wood target is exhilarating. ...

Similar to darts, axe throwing is an individual sport played with and against other members of a group. Individuals throw 1.5-pound axes at wooden targets marked with a bullseye and score points based on where on the target they stick the axe. ... A dedicated axe master [is] there to help coach you to victory and to keep everyone safe. We also will help you keep track of your scores. 

Walk-ins are $20 per person for one hour. Groups of eight to 12 can reserve a lane for two hours at $40 per person.

"We fill a very unique niche for people to congregate for play," co-owner Brian Siegel tells Crain's Detroit Business. "The main expression of the business is a neighborhood place to come and hang out."

To that end, he and partner Geoff Kretchmer plan to add outdoor beach volleyball and shuffleboard next spring near a back patio that already has tables and benches (photo below). There also are pinball machines and board games.

Curbside tacos and nachos for carrying in will be available from chef Jeremy Kalmus of Ruckus Taco Co., as will be desserts from a vintage Good Humor truck.

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An alcohol-free zone marked by a yellow line (bottom left) separates spectators from throwers.

Rear patio is for outdoor dining and drinking while weather allows, and will add beach volleyball and shuffleboard next spring.


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